Purchase Agreement

High Voltage Retrievers
44935 Cedarcrest Trl, Harris, MN 55032
Make Check Out To: Julie Mach
Appropriate steps have been taken to raise a healthy puppy and in the future a healthy dog. Clearances on the parent(s) for hips, elbows, and/or eyes does not guarantee that the puppy will not have hip, elbow, & or eye related problems in the future or will pass clearances for his/her hips, elbows and eyes. However, it has been shown that healthy parents are significantly more likely to produce healthy offspring with a reduced risk of serious health problems. It is important to note however that all living creatures are subject to health problems including those that are life threatening even when there is no history of this problem in the animal’s background.
Whereas, Julie Mach hereinafter known, as "Breeder" is the owner of the dog bred from the parents listed below at time of sale:
Name: _HighVoltage (rest of name to be determined by buyer)__________________________
AKC # tba _____________________________
DATE OF BIRTH:________________________ COLOR :________________ GENDER _________
TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE – ___TBA_______ / MN Residents MUST add 6.875% Sale Tax:________
MICROCHIP #  _____________________________ (assigned when pup goes home)
NAME -________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS -_____________________________________________________________________
CITY-____________________________________STATE_________ZIP CODE______________
PHONE-__________________EMAIL ADDRESS -_____________________________________
Whereas, ___________, hereinafter called "Buyer" has purchased the animal described above. Now, Therefore in consideration of the sum of __________ dollars, the breeder hereby conveys said dog under the following warranties and conditions and no other warranties or conditions are either expressed or implied. Any shipping fees are separate and are non-refundable / not a part of the purchase price).
Buyer’s Initials Here:___________ (1)

The Buyer will pay a $400.00 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the purchase price except in the case that a puppy in the buyers requested color or sex is not available, in which case the deposit will be refunded.

1. The above-described animal is a purebred Labrador Retriever, who can be registered with the American Kennel Club. Our companion puppies are sold under the AKC’s limited registration option, which means that their offspring are not eligible for AKC registration. A registration application or individual registration form will be given to the buyer within 90 days of the date shown above.
2. The dog must have “High Voltage” as the prefix of its registered American Kennel Club registered name as a condition of sale and as a condition of this guarantee.
3. Our goal is to produce a companion dog, therefore no guarantee is made at the time of sale regarding show, performance, and/or breeding potential of said dog.
4. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health, veterinary expenses including any expense in fulfilling provisions of this guarantee, resolving disagreements with family members/roommates and or a landlord, and temperament of the above-described animal once it has left the breeder's premises.
5. The buyer agrees that the puppy will be given adequate and proper protection from the weather and other animals, adequate housing, will be sufficiently fed, and will not be neglected or mistreated in any manner. The buyer also agrees that the puppy shall receive regular veterinary care throughout its lifetime and that all inoculations will be maintained.
6. In order to always provide a home for the puppy the buyer grants the breeder "First Right of Refusal" if the dog is to be sold or disposed of in any manner. Buyer will contact breeder BEFORE re-homing puppy.
This dog is guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of the seller's knowledge. At the time of sale said dog has had initial inoculations against distemper, hepatitis, para/parvo virus, and has been wormed (at least one time).
The buyer has (7) SEVEN working days from the date of enactment of said contract in which to have the dog checked by a licensed veterinarian. If the veterinarian finds the dog to be seriously ill, clearly hereditary in nature or a health threatening congenital anomaly (this does not include the presence of parasites), the following provisions will be honored.
A.) The dog can be returned with its' AKC registration and all materials and another puppy of equal value or a full refund will be given provided a letter from the examining veterinarian is provided as proof of illness within 2 days of examination and if the puppy is to be returned the puppy must be returned within 2 days of diagnoses.
B.) It is agreed and understood that any exchange must be set up within the seven-day period. Any and all transportation is the buyer’s responsibility. The breeder assumes no responsibility for said dog after it leaves the premises which includes but is not limited to medical expenses, mortality, landlord’s disapproval, allergy to dog, disagreement with family, mistreatment of dog, accidental poisoning, trauma to dog, etc.
C.) Breeder is not obligate to exercise the section of the contract if they believe that the puppy is the victim of an accident, has been abused, or the illness was not the fault of the breeder.
Buyer’s Signature Here:_______________________________________
As a condition of sale and guarantee, The buyer agrees that, if registered with the AKC, the official registered name will begin with the breeder’s identifying kennel prefix: HighVoltage (for example: “HighVoltage Rocco”). If the kennel prefix is not used in the naming of this dog, this guarantee is null and void.
If your puppy / dog is diagnosed with debilitating AND hereditary, hip or elbow dysplasia that results in the puppy being unable to work in the capacity it was intended you must provide a written statement from your veterinarian before the age of 26 months, and is received within 10 working days of original diagnosis along with proof of spay or neuter, you have the option of a replacement puppy. Proof is defined as the official OFA report (if applicable) and /or review and consensus by our veterinarian after x-rays have been provided for his or her review. We can also request a second opinion at the buyer’s expense, as well as all medical records (for review by our veterinarians), if there is a conflict of opinions. If any surgery is done before notifying us and allowing us the option of a 2nd  opinion, guarantee is void and no compensation will be given. If the dog is spayed before 9 months of age or neutered before 10 months of age, guarantee is void. Shipping / transport costs will not be reimbursed. Debilitating hip and elbow dysplasia, for our purposes, shall be defined as grade II or III elbow dysplasia, moderate to severe hip dysplasia. In order for guarantee to be honored, the following criteria MUST apply:
1.) The original buyer must own the puppy no transfers are to have occurred on the AKC registration.
2.) The puppy must not have sired or whelped a litter and must be spayed or neutered with proof provided to the breeder.
3.) The puppy must have had regular veterinary care and the veterinarian must attest to said care in a notarized statement. If HD / ED is suspected anytime prior to 26 months, a hip x-ray must be taken and submitted to The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for their evaluation. If the puppy receives below the borderline rating, the OFA documentation should be submitted along with veterinary proof showing that the dog was spayed/neutered, and if all of the above requirements have been met, then the refund of a portion of the purchase price will be made.
For the replacement puppy, breeder will attempt to replace puppy with one of same color and gender. Litter selection for a replacement puppy is at the breeder’s discretion. Buyer does not have a choice of a different gender or color for a replacement puppy. Breeder reserves the right to have the OFA and/or his veterinarian as the judge in determining hip dysplasia with any costs covered by the buyer. In cases of disagreement the OFA will be the only judge and all costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
Buyer’s Signature Here:_______________________________________

The dog is further guaranteed against retinal dysplasia or hereditary eye issues that will affect the dog’s ability to work in the capacity it was intended up to 26 months of age.
It is further understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to said dog, except as set forth in writing in this agreement. This guarantee is valid only for the original owner and is not transferable. Once a transfer has been made on the American Kennel Club ownership of the dog the guarantee is voided.
INSTRUCTIONS: After filling in name, address, signature, and puppy/litter info, please mail this completed form to us or hand deliver if visiting.
Note: Please also date and initial the bottom corner of EACH PAGE to acknowledge the information therein. Note that deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable, except in the case that not enough pups are available in the color and gender specified for the litter of your choice in which case you will be given the option of a refund or of applying the deposit to another litter.
Signature of breeder(s): ______________________________________ date___________
Signature of buyer(s): ________________________________________date ___________