AKC MN Minnesota Labrador Retriever Yellow Stud. Puppies bred to be superior naturally. When looking fa labrador to be your best buddy and gundog or competative hunt test, field trial prospect, agility dog, obedience competator look to Minnesota High Voltage Labradors. We do not just breed out of top Labrador Lines. We create them. . , Yellow Black Chocolate, AKC Minnesota Labrador Puppies, Started Dogs, AKC Minnesota Labrador Puppies, Studs, AKC Minnesota Labrador Puppies, Yellow, Black, Chocolate AKC Minnesota Labrador Puppies,, Labradors, AKC Minnesota Labrador Puppies, Field Trial Champion, Show Champion, Labrador Breeders in Minnesota. Labrador Breeder in Minnesota.
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Loving breeding competing with labs for over 20 years
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They are run completely on generous donations from organizations and people like you! If you can help them in any way please do so. They are one of the few organizations who do not charge for their dogs allowing even families with limited funds able to afford them. It is because of this I am more than happy to give them puppies as future assistance dogs. Please go to their web site and see what you can do to help! If you do not have money to give - they have many others ways you can help.


Not only are our dogs tops in performance but our dogs also are wonderful service dogs working with the disabled.

Viper is now a narcotics detection dog helping to keep the college campuses clear of drugs and making some substantial drug busts. (High Voltage Power On Penny SH & CH Belle Tradition O'Broadreach MH)

Joy is a diabetic alert dog for a young mother taking the weight of her disability off of her family and keeping her life as normal as possible. (High Voltage Smoke'n Piper & QAA Nandool's Irish Blues MH)

Juno is also working as a diabetic alert dog. (High Voltage Smoke'n Piper & QAA Nandool's Irish Blues MH)

Avery - Assistance dog for the disabled (Belle's Image of Tradition & The Captain's Skywalker JH)

Dinger - Assistance dog for teh disabled (Belle's Image of Tradition & The Captain's Skywalker JH)

High Voltage Made Of Magice & FC AFC Suncrest Wild Oats have pups working as diabetic alert dogs and assistance dogs for the disabled.

The Captain's Chasing Angels & CH Beechcroft Studies Top Secret have pups working as assistance dogs for the disabled.

High Voltage Smoke'n Piper & High Voltage Rough Ridger JH SH Legs have pups working as assitance dogs.

And Many Many more.

Amy and Dinger
Carol & Cloe
Gretchen & Callie
Julia & Claire
Kathy & Carlie
Nancy & Charity
Some of the real star's of High Voltage
Working as assistance dog with their brave new partners.
Can-Do-Canines made it happen.